CashBox is a place where business interests and enthusiasm of social media users meet.

CashBox is such a tool for entrepreneurship, which has the virtues of human relationships: sincerity, simplicity, curiosity, friendliness.

CashBox is an informal, unobtrusive, but extremely effective promotion of your brand.

CashBox will help business owners
Attract clients and buyers from social networks
Get the audience's opinion about your product or brand
Increase recognition of your brand
Make popular your groups and communities in social networks
Form a positive brand image
CashBox will help you to earn on your social networking account
Share interesting posts
Like the original photos and videos
Comment on photos, videos, articles you like
Take part in surveys and discussions
Accept invitations to join the group
Get reward for it all
CashBox benefits
Quick access to the audience Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WebMoney Events, Twitch, Telegram
A wide range of tasks (tools) to promote a product or company
Possibility to cover a wide audience with a modest budget
You can combine the functionality for the client and the worker in a single account
Ability to work with a group of tasks and receive reports at the end of each session
Convenient forms of payment in a highly secure system WebMoney
No need for separate registration on the site,
it is enough to have a wallet in the system WebMoney
CashBox guarantees

Working style of CashBox guarantees reliable protection of your information, pedantic decision of your tasks and cooperation with the brand that values its reputation.

How does it work?

Business owners (clients) can easily find people in social networks who are close to the theme of company services or interesting in product. For a fee or even free of charge, real users of social networks (workers) will tell their friends and acquaintances about services and products they like.

The company gets new clients, a positive reputation, and the person earns money or builds his or her own image as an expert in a particular field. Cooperation turns out to be easy and mutually beneficial.