Adding clicks and transitions to your website

Paying for clicks and transitions to the website, it is important to have natural activity among visitors, rather than an automated script of behavior. is a service which connects real clients with live workers.

why and who needs this service?

Paying clicks and click-throughs to the site are traditionally ordered by several categories of clients. These are webmasters who need to promote their resource in search engines. internetmarketers and UX-designers who need to test their hypotheses regarding the usability of the site in conditions close to real life.

The quality of the work performed in this area is determined by how "natural" the activity of the user on the page of the internetresource. Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to save money on this service. Engaging real workers with CashBox means to guarantee protection from search engines' filters and provide effective feedback channel from ordinary Web users.

Due to our service we have recruited

Why us?
Excellent reputation
A service with an impeccable history. For 10 years we've been helping online businesses attract, engage and retain clients with fast and effective online activity.
User-friendly interface
We provide all conditions for effective work without any extra headaches. User-friendly interface of the personal cabinet. Quick and easy way to track your workflow.
No Bots
All the workers in the service - real people. This is especially important when ordering paid registrations with the manifestation of activity and when performing other, not quite standard tasks.
Selection by criteria
Use the large database of real workers, which was collected on CashBox exchanger for many years. We provide the ability to select the audience of workers by sex, age, geo, etc.
Flexible order form
A flexible system of tasks for the client. From standard "default" template to the possibility to indicate as many individual wishes to the result of the work as necessary.
It's safe with us
The system's interface is aimed at making it easy to control the performance of your work. All payments are made in our internal system - all your payment data is securely encrypted and protected.

How much does it cost

The cost is set by the client individually and depends on the level of complexity of the task and requirements for workers. The price is set by the rules of internal auction - the higher the cost of the job - the greater the chance that it will be completed as soon as possible. And vice versa.

Improving behavioral factors 0.2 $ per 1 pc.
Clicks on banner ads 0.2 $ per 1 pc.
Clicks on the links to the site 0.2 $ per 1 pc.

How to add subscribers?

Step 1: Sign Up
Login to your account or if this is your first time with us - registration takes no more than a minute. Use popular social services or your WebMoney account for that
Step 2 - Payment
Replenish your account in any convenient way - from cash transfer via Russian Post to payment in Bitcoins. Also accept: WebMoney, YooMoney, bank cards, USDT and many more.
Step 3: Adding
Add a new task in the "arbitrary tasks" section. Specify gender, age, geographical location of your workers and specify individual requirements for the task
Step 4: Result
The client is free to choose the format of the reports, which can be both standard system notifications and screenshots, videos, etc. The calculation with the worker is carried out after the acceptance of the order.

cashbox - the best service for clicks and transitions!

Paid clicks and click-throughs on sites - known for many years and still demanded service. Over time, the demand for it will only increase. However, to be faster than your competitors - it is important to remember about quality! - a guarantee of effective, and most importantly - safe promotion in the Web.

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