Twitch Promotion

Become popular at something you truly love! Twitch is a video hosting service for streaming your favorite games, from PC to desktop games.
The only problem for aspiring streamers is high competition. We do not promise quick popularity, but we offer a ready solution for those who are serious about cybersports.

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Why and who needs promotion on Twitch?

How did streamers who make tens of thousands of dollars just for playing their favorite computer games become popular? It's unlikely they immediately had so many interested friends willing to closely follow their every activity.

Modern commercial streaming works by the rules of business. To get money from clients - first you need to invest in attracting an audience.

CashBox offers its clients to quickly add views and subscribers - paying for the activity of real internetusers. With natural behavior and confirmed accounts on Twitch and other platforms.

Reliability in the calculations of the workers.
The system is designed so that it will work the same way with 1 worker as well as with 10 000 real people.
Safety in financial calculations.
Our clients can always be sure that their money will be invested. We have developed an easy-to-understand system to control and plan expenses.
Attract only real users by given parameters.
Select sex, age and geographical location of your future viewers! It is very likely that out of 10 000 paid subscribers - 3 000 will stay to follow your streams at their own will!
Flexible order form.
Set as many rules and requirements for your task as you want. Completely individual tasks can be published in a special section - "Arbitrary tasks".
How much does it cost?

The minimum cost for standard tasks is specified. We recommend setting a higher fee, depending on the requirements for workers.

Channel Tracking from 0.036 $
Streaming viewer from 0.0019 $/min.

client can set individual requirements. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the task / requirements for workers.

How to add subscribers?

Step 1: Sign Up
Login to your account or if this is your first time with us - registration takes no more than a minute. Use popular social services or your WebMoney account for that
Step 2 - Payment
Replenish your account in any convenient way - from cash transfer via Russian Post to payment in Bitcoins. Also accept: WebMoney, YooMoney, bank cards, USDT and many more.
Step 3: Adding
Add a new task in the "arbitrary tasks" section. Specify gender, age, geographical location of your workers and specify individual requirements for the task
Step 4: Result
The client is free to choose the format of the reports, which can be both standard system notifications and screenshots, videos, etc. The calculation with the worker is carried out after the acceptance of the order.

Use only trusted services to add the right metrics on Twitch. The competition among professional streamers is getting tougher every day! Do not wait for a miracle, take matters of promotion into your own hands, and CashBox will help you in this!