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Cashbox is a specialized service where you can do tasks for money without leaving your home and spending minimal time and effort on your work. All you need for this is internetaccess and a big desire to earn. Cashbox will help make this dream come true in a minimum time, as you can see by registering with the service. This is where you can count on getting a decent pay for your efforts.

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Categories of paid tasks

In order to get paid tasks, you should register in our service Cashbox, where you can choose from all categories. The categories of jobs are many enough for each worker to decide for himself what to choose:

Share posts, like, join different groups in social networks;
To watch different videos on YouTube, to mark "I like";
Install applications from AppStore and Google Play;
Take part in discussions and all kinds of surveys with payouts in WebMoney system;

Completing tasks online for money is becoming an increasingly popular way of earning money, as it does not require much effort from workers. And sometimes it can be useful for users due to the fact that a person learns something new for himself.

Tips for working at Cashbox

Employment on tasks is a great option for people interested in getting extra
profits without too much effort. There are several recommendations for working in the service:
Choose tasks carefully, looking not only at the reputation of the client, but also the reviews
The task should be read carefully, so that everything is done as required. If you make a mistake in performance, you may not receive payment and ruin your reputation
The service interface allows you to hide inappropriate tasks
You must bookmark multiple tasks to be able to fulfill them after a certain period of time
As a result of working in our service, you can get a good extra income. There are<br/>many new tasks every day that may be of interest to you

Prices for arbitrary tasks

Social networks from 0.10 $
Installing the app from 0.35 $

How to get started?

To start earning at Cashbox service you need:

  • 1 register as a worker, specify and describe what you know how to do
  • 2 You need to find a task and complete it

Remember the better you perform the task the higher your rating will be and consequently the more chances are that you will be chosen for further projects.