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Cashbox is a service for promoting Twitter account, which quickly gives the desired result. A Twitter account provides additional opportunities for expanding the company's reach and gradually increasing profits. The service is characterized by a format oriented towards the rapid exchange of short publications, which makes communication noticeably easier. Promotion of a Twitter account is a way to attract more partners and clients from the network and is an option to inform them about the brand news. At the moment service promotion Twitter allows you to hire professionals who promote microblogging professional methods, using optimization and marketing. By means of professionally developed strategies and promotion programs it is possible to make the annual profit of the company 12% more, and this figure is not limiting. CashBox offers the services of workers with affordable rates for promotion.

Here is what we did for our clients

The benefits of microblog for business

Twitter has become an incredibly popular service. In 2014, it was already used by 271 million people, and approximately half a billion tweets appeared daily. Promoting a Twitter account has a number of advantages:

It will be much cheaper for the owner to advertise
Requests and complaints from clients will be noticed faster with the account, and therefore responded to more quickly
There is real-time communication with the audience
The brand image is additionally shaped with the involvement of the page
Followers can count on discounts when ordering services or products

You can also use the free promotion on Twitter to see how effective this approach is. Generally Twitter promotion strategy assumes a whole complex of measures, the main purpose of which is to attract users from the social network to the main brand website.

How to promote a Twitter account
free of charge or with the help of specialists?

If you intend to get a real effect from promoting Twitter account, the process itself requires high-quality planning. By hiring our workers, you guarantee that it will be. There are different methods to promote Twitter accounts, but usually the set of measures includes steps:

Information about the company itself and its competitors is analyzed in detail;

Creating a page from scratch or acquiring a ready-made microblog (but will require a change of subject matter);

The target audience is studied;

The page is constantly filled with quality content, related to the main site.

Increased interest from users can be caused by accounts in other social networks - "Vkontakte", Instagram, "Odnoklassniki", etc.

Advantages of promotion with Cashbox

CashBox is an exchange where you can hire workers to perform tasks. If you need review retweets, reposts or followers on a Twitter account, you can simply set a task, determine its cost and choose the right worker. This takes into account the need to optimize the company's main website to make it attractive and functional. For this, too, you can hire workers from CashBox
Placement of illustrated thematic materials
Add the buttons to go to social networks, the ability to subscribe to RSS feed, news, etc
Remove unnecessary options and blocks on the website
Professionally Completedoptimization is another way to increase traffic between the site and the social network to build an audience loyal to the brand.

Prices for promotion in Twitter

I like the tweet from 0.02 $
Retweet from 0.022 $
Follow a user from 0.034 $