TikTok promotion

The most downloaded app, where users spend more time than on other social networks. With hundreds of millions of users from 155 countries around the world watching TikTok videos every day, it's no wonder it's now called the most promising platform for personal branding and business development.

It's not easy to become popular on a new social network in a rapidly growing competition, but at Cashbox we know how to help you succeed!

Why and who needs promotion in TikTok?

The lucky ones who saw the prospects in TikTok before anyone else, are already getting the results they deserve. Millions of users who flip through the feed every day are becoming loyal fans, brand fans and clients.

TikTok Promotion Goals and Results

New TikTok users believe that making one viral video is enough to gain audience recognition. Unfortunately, TikTok doesn't work by those rules: likes and subscriptions to your channel directly affect the popularity and relevance of your videos, increasing their chances of making it to the topical feed and thus appearing on the phones of millions of users.

Are you still in doubt? Let's list some of the benefits you'll get from the competent promotion of your videos in TikTok with CashBox:

Make a profit

There's a reason we mentioned millions of users above. The promoted TikTok stars collaborate with major advertising brands and get great royalties for every video released.

Grow your business

The easiest way to get your brand known around the world is to spread the word where the highest paying audience is found. Create an account for your brand on TikTok, create content and attract clients!

... Or grow your personal brand!

Tell people about yourself as a professional on TikTok! This way, you'll gain audience trust, popularity in your professional field and increase your visibility.

Increase your audience on other platforms

Refer users to other platforms by linking to your social media accounts to give your audience a chance to get to know you better. With thousands and even hundreds of thousands of video views, your audience is guaranteed to grow!

Benefits of promoting a TikTok account at CashBox

  • All subscribers are real people and your potential clients. There are no bots on Cashbox!
  • Personalize each task or make everything as fast as possible, in a couple of clicks
  • Use detailed reports to control all aspects of promotion
  • The promotion methods you use do not lead to blocking.
  • The safe addition of activity is done by natural methods and remains invisible to users and the system.
  • All payments are made via WebMoney.

Account promotion prices in TikTok

We have indicated below the minimum cost for typical tasks. Depending on the requirements for the workers, we recommend setting a higher amount of reward.
Like the video from 0.018 $
Subscribe to an account from 0.022 $
You can also order the option "Support channel with likes". If you do so, our robot will check for updates every 5 minutes and create a "Like video" task for every new video on the channel!
Supporting the channel with likes from 0.018 $