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Transcription of audio and video files

Do you have video or audio files that need text transcription? CashBox workers will listen to an audio recording or watch a video, take a verbatim record or a transcript, depending on your task.

From 0.10 $ in 10 minutes
  • Transcribe 30 minutes of audio
  • Convert video forum to text
  • Make a video transcript

Downloading and parsing data

If you need to collect and organize publicly available data, please contact our employees for help. Set tasks for downloading materials, videos and books, and with the help of parsing, analyze the prices of competitors in the market, put things in order on your website, find non-existent pages, duplicates or a database of potential customers.

From 0.10 $
  • Download video from IGTV
  • Download multiple Reels videos by hashtag
  • Download lectures from Vimeo
  • Download books on the topic
  • Download all information about members of Telegram groups
  • Parse base (phone, name, city, photo)
  • Collect contact details of all hotels in the city

Creation of articles for the website

Working with a website is time consuming, especially if you are working with product cards and are interested in unique descriptions for each of them. Delegate monotonous work to CashBox employees, once or for permanent support - choose for yourself!

From 0.10 $
  • Fill out product cards on the website
  • Add 1000 products to the website
  • Fill the website on the WordPress platform
  • Upload pictures for different categories to the website
  • Constant support of the website - filling, adding products and pictures
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Creation, editing, processing of photos and videos

CashBox workers will help you create a harmonious Instagram feed, process photos after taking pictures with a phone / professional camera, make a video editing for YouTube, Reels or TikTok - whether for a personal account or for your business.

From 0.10 $
  • Edit video for YouTube channel
  • Record multiple TikTok videos for business
  • Make a wedding video montage
  • Photoshop photo for Instagram
  • Create photo presets in LightRoom
  • Photo editing in Photoshop

Validation and comparison of data

Find workers who will take over your routine tasks. Comparing data, comparing lists or texts, filling out declarations, cleaning the database - our workers can help you with all this!

From 0.10 $
  • Check positions on the website
  • Compare two lists with each other
  • Check French titles, correct mistakes
  • Compare the data, enter the answers in the table
  • Fill out a declaration
  • Clear instagram from bots, fakes, foreign followers


Translation of an essay, a list, product cards on your website or an entire table - our workers can do it all. Choose this type of task if you need to quickly translate small texts, proofread a foreign text for errors, or translate a short work.

From 0.10 $
  • Check the list of titles in French, correct errors
  • Make a translation of product cards for a web site
  • Make a translation of your essay into German
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Working with Excel documents

Do you urgently need to correct your data in Excel, is the formula not working correctly, or are you unable to figure out how to simplify and automate work with tables? Our workers will be happy to help you solve problems of this type.

From 0.10 $
  • Sort data by columns
  • Make edits to a spreadsheet in Excel
  • Make edits to the Excel spreadsheet, check the formulas
  • Enter the data in the product table
  • Excel and Google docs specialist