1. Registration and Login

There are three different ways to register on CashBox website.
  1. Authorization with WebMoney account
  2. Authorization with account in social networks
  3. By login/password
Important! You must log in with WebMoney or connect your WMID on the Personal details page to complete tasks.

2. Task fulfillment

After authorization you will be forwarded to the page "Tasks". There are 5 types of tasks in CashBox - social networks, applications, arbitrary tasks, views and surveys.

2.1. performance of tasks from social networks

Our site has the ability to perform tasks from 10 social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch, Coub,Telegram, Events WebMoney.
To perform the task from a social network, you must first log in. After logging in, a button will appear with a description of the action to be performed. After completing the task, go back to the task page and click "check", if you complete the task correctly, you will be reserved for you. The reservation period is 7 days, after seven days the task will be rechecked and the reward will be credited to your account.

2.2. Installing applications

There are two types of tasks for installing applications on our site: applications from Apple App Store and from Google Play Market.
In order to perform tasks from Play Market you need an Android device. Before installing the app from Play Market, you need to install our CashBox app, the link to page installation and activation is indicated in each task description. After installing the app, click "perform", follow the instructions in the window that pops up, once the task is complete click "Task Complete" and a reward will be reserved for you. Do not remove the installed application within 7 days and the reward will be credited to your account.

To perform tasks from the App Store, you need to have an IPhone or iPad. Click on perform and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. Be careful to fill in the "iTunes alias" field, as that is how we will search for your app review. Once you complete the task, a reward will be reserved for you until your review is published, which is about 1-3 days.

2.3. Taking surveys

You click Perform, take the survey, and your account will be credited with the reward.

2.4. Perform arbitrary tasks

Click perform and CAREFULly read the task description and report requirement. Only if you understand that you can perform the task, proceed with its implementation. Do not start completing the task until you have clicked the "Get Started" button. When you are finished, you need to fill out a report. Tasks for which you need to fill out a report have a status of "in progress". Reports are checked by clients for up to 5 days, or 12 days for an additional fee.

Our site has entered a rating of workers of arbitrary tasks. If you perform the tasks inattentively, write meaningless text in your reports or send random files instead of screenshots, you will be permanently banned from arbitrary tasks.

An arbitrary task can be "on request". In this case, you send a request for performance to the client and, if they accept it, you will be sent a message that you can proceed with the task. When you apply you may need to answer the client's question or give him some information about yourself. The task can be sent to you for revision, in this case you will receive a message and the task itself will be in the "in progress" tab.

In tasks related to the publication of texts, only reviews / comments that have successfully passed moderation and are visible to all users of the resource are paid. To check if your text has been published, open the page in incognito mode or by logging in with a different account.

If the task is not completed, you can complain to the dishonest client.

3. Withdrawal of funds

To withdraw funds, go to the corresponding page, clicking on the menu item on the left "Withdraw funds". Withdrawal of funds is possible only if you are authorized with WebMoney or you have WMID. Withdrawal of funds is possible only to the wallet, which belongs to your WMID.