CashBox is an online Instagram promotion service

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Our achievements:

Goals and results of promotion on Instagram

A few years ago, one successful idea or a good infomercial guaranteed a quick promotion in Instagram. Now users are torn between a lot of interesting accounts and more carefully choose who to subscribe to. A large number of followers is an important argument in favor of your account and a valuable social proof of trust in a business or social brand.

A page without likes, comments and followers can remain empty, because you need too many resources to start from scratch. Promotion services through Instagram allow you to quickly "pump up" a young account and increase the attractiveness of an existing one. Thanks to this you successfully achieve your goals:

Increase the authority and attractiveness of the personal account

The more likes, subscriptions and comments on the page, the more often new users become your followers. Remember, it's up to you to choose who to subscribe to. After all, you probably look at the number of followers first.

Winning contests

The social network regularly holds contests where you can win valuable prizes. To win, you need likes. With CashBOX, you get the necessary number of "hearts" from real users.

Promoting business in Instagram and increasing sales

A large number of followers indicates trust in the brand, as well as the high quality of goods and services. Your potential clients will certainly pay attention to the impact of your account.

Advantages of promotion of an instagram account in cashbox service

A wide range of tools with flexible setting of task groups for easy, fast and effective promotion.
Affordable prices for Instagram accrual allow you to improve the performance of the account at any budget.
Detailed reports allow you to monitor all aspects of promotion in detail
Used methods of promotion in Instagram will not lead to blocking.
All subscribers are real people and your potential clients. No bots!
Secure Instagram Addiction is performed by natural methods and is invisible neither to users nor to the system.
All payments are made through WebMoney

Promotion of Instagram prices

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