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Financial questions

  • Money «on account» is money available for the user to withdraw or spend on the service.
    Money «on hold» - funds booked by the system while waiting for a task to be confirmed.
    We hold money in reserve for 7 days after task completion. After this period of time we check the quality of the task and then credit the reserved money to the account. From this moment, the user can use them at their discretion, including their withdrawal from the system.
  • We work with WebMoney payment system.

For the worker

  • You can earn on CashBOX site by taking part in paid surveys and by executing tasks in social networks, arbitrary tasks, applications and viewings for the specified fee.
  • Once you've logged on as an worker, you'll have access to the "surveys" section of the site. Answer the questions and get the reward indicated for them.

    To start earning money in social networks, you need to have accounts in social networks Vkontakte, "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Odnoklassniki". Go to the section "Social Networks" and log in to your account, it will allow you to choose tasks in any of the suggested social networks and perform them for a specified fee. View detailed instructions here -

  • Social account value is a closed total characteristic of the user's activity in the social network and in the WebMoney system, which depends on the number of friends (subscribers), account registration date, BL and type of WebMoney certificate.
  • The list of tasks is empty only in one case - they are not present. In any other case they are always shown. But there are filters "Unpassed", "Passed" / "All", "Only available".
  • Withdrawal of the earned money is made automatically without any delays. As soon as a user indicates the wallet number and amount in the personal cabinet the payment is put in the queue and Completedwithin a few minutes.
  • The easiest and fastest way to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows operating systems is to press Print Screen (Prt Scr) key on your keyboard when the required image is displayed on the screen. As a result of that action the computer remembers the information you had on the screen at that moment and puts it into an intermediate storage (clipboard).

    In case you only need an image of one window you should make that window active, for example by clicking on it with the mouse and pressing Alt + Print Screen.

    After that you should edit and save the image in a file with any graphic editor. The simplest of them is Microsoft Paint, which is included into the standard set of programs of Windows operating systems. In order to use this program just start it (go to Start, choose Run, type mspaint and press Ok, the Paint program will open).

    When in the program window click Edit - Paste, if you have a question concerning the size of the image click Yes. After that you should see your screen image in the window of the program at the moment you have pressed the Print Screen key.

    Next you have to save this image, for that press the File and Save menu in the program, a window opens in which you have to indicate where you want to save the file, the file name and the format you want to save it in. Note that the file type determines the size of the file. If you have a JPEG format to choose from, it is much more preferable. The resulting image file is the screenshot.
  • No. If you do not like the content of the group - do not unsubscribe from it, just hide all the news from it.
    This option is available almost everywhere. For example, ""Vkontakte"": hover over any news of the group and click over it with a cross, then - do not show the news of the group.

For the client

Other questions