Promotion and promotion of mobile applications

CashBox is a service for promotion andpromotion of applications in the App Store and Google Play Market, which quickly gives results.Developers of mobile applications are well aware that without advertising products it will be difficult to count on audience expansion and promotion of mobile applications in the top. Only through mobile app promotion can you arouse the audience's interest in your development. Our app promotion service offers the services of professional staff who have adequate experience in promotion and use the full range of technologies for this.

Here is what we did for our clients

App promotion goals and results

If you turn to CashBox, then your product will use app promotion strategy, ideally suited to its functionality and the tasks you set for it. Workers will quickly become aware of your app, so they will download and install it in order to use it on their device. You will quickly get users, and then you can implement your monetization strategy to accumulate profit as soon as possible with the number of subscribers.

Promoting Android apps is a complex work, which includes the following steps:

Defining the target audience
Formation of semantic core
ASO optimization
Downloading and using the application

We are ready to provide all available ways of promotion, to get the expected result in the shortest possible time

Advantages of promoting apps with cashbox

Earnings from promoting apps of our workers depend on their efforts, so they are motivated to do quality work

Workers earn by doing tasks, so the cost of promoting applications with their help is quite democratic, much lower than that of professional agencies offering services in packages. You will get a result with minimal monetary investment.

Work experience allows our workers to guarantee that you get the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Our workers understand very well what is required of them as a result, so they work with pay-as-you-go. This is not a free application promotion, but payment after you see the result.

Convenient service of our website allows you to evaluate the productivity of your work at any time and set some new tasks if necessary

With the help of our website, you can now promote the application in the AppStore, and you only have to watch for an increase in the user audience.

As a result of <b>mobile app promotion</b> via CashBox service you can expect to get a steady income from your development.

App promotion prices

Installing an application from Google Play from 0.05 $
Installing an application from the Apple App Store and feedback from 0.05 $

How to get started?

To start promoting your application you will need:

  • Register on the service as an client.
  • Create a task to perform and post it on Cashbox.