Withdrawal of funds is available only to users who have a WebMoney account and are registered in CashBox using a WMID or have linked a WMID in their personal account.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out on the "Withdraw Funds" page. The entire amount "on the account" is available for withdrawal of funds, provided that the account does not have restrictions on withdrawal after replenishment of the account. If there are restrictions, then their list with funds and expiration dates will be given below on the page.

Withdrawal of funds is possible only to the Z WebMoney wallet belonging to the WMID linked to the user's account. When you withdraw funds to a Z wallet, an exchange is made at the exchange rate of the Central Bank for the current day, and the WebMoney commission for the transfer is also deducted from the amount. In case of withdrawal to R or P wallets, WebMoney commission is not taken.

Transfer of funds to the user's wallet will be made within 5-10 minutes after the initialization of the payment.